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XC Ski Team Captain’s Job Descriptions
Being a team captain is an honor.  Your peers have selected you to help lead the team and you are expected to live up to that expectation.  You will work with the coaches and set good examples of work ethics and team building, along with making this experience fun for you and others on the team.


  • Be a leader and model team spirit.

  • Attend mandatory meeting with coaches every two weeks or as needed

  • Help parents distribute sweatshirts when they come in.

  • Rotate responsibilities for pre race ski wax days.

  • Uniformly support team spirit activities – spaghetti feeds, team dress themes, race support etc.

  • Share responsibilities for work on events such as wax clinic, Christmas Fun Day, Service hosted race, Regions, Banquet.

  • Delegate work and encourage all team members to participate


At Races:

  • If buses are provided, all captains must ride them. 

  • Stay for the awards ceremony and help clean up our area (waxing area and lounging area) and put the tents/wax benches away if they are used.

  • Lead by example to be on the course cheering ALL racers of ALL teams. Encourage others on the team to do so as well.

  • Warm ups and cool downs with the team.  They should encourage everyone when they are done racing to do a cool down run and preferably do it with them.



  • Set a good example by following the coach’s lead. Be at all practices and races.

  • Talk about upcoming races and other new information, ideas. Get a feel for what the team's interests and needs are.

  • Help where needed by coaches, especially since it is a large team.

  • Two captains a week will be responsible for helping the team clean up during wax days (Friday's)



  • Boys organize what they will make/give to the girls at school the Friday before Regions (optional). Need to organize this 2 weeks before.

  • Girls organize what they will make/give to the boys at school the Friday before Regions (optional).

  • Work with Region BBQ Coordinator for specific activities



  • Decide a theme for the banquet.

  • Meet with Parent banquet Coordinator to discuss and see what they need to do to help.

  • Help with decorations or where needed.

Team Spirit:

  • Determine Team Dress theme and dates

  • Help plan team fun days –Christmas party, relays, spring poker run etc.

  • Organize Team Buddies

  • Organize Sports Bras (optional)

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