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Ski Swaps
Great places to get gear!

Anchorage has two major ski swaps annually.


These are fantastic opportunities to get cross country skiing equipment.  We want every skier at Service to have their own skis to get around on and these swaps are some of the best ways to make that happen.  Also, for those who are considering upgrading their gear for whatever reason (growth spurt, want higher end skis, etc.), please consider bringing old equipment to the ski swaps.​

One last note

These ski swaps are at the very beginning of ski season and we will not have much, if any, time to tell the athletes that they should be on the lookout for these sales.  If by any chance you have come across this information with time to spare, please tell any friends that may be interested in trying out skiing this year or just want a different pair of skis.  Spread the word!

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