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Skier's Contract

A parent and skier needs to sign this agreement to validate skier's position on the Service Ski Team. By completing the online contract, you are agreeing to abide by the Service High School Ski Team rules.

I agree to abide by the following rules for the Service High School Ski Team. I also acknowledge that if I don't comply with any of the following rules. I can and will be released from the team and forfeit my ability to race and ski with the Service Team. 

  1. All students are expected to attend practices. Only 3 unexcused absences are allowed through the season. Excused absences need to be arranged with the coach before missed practices. Parents/guardians must submit a note to coaches via email or note. We will accept only vacation or sick excuses and parents/guardians will be called if there are missed practices without a note from a parent or guardian.

  2. Late attendance will be counted as missed day. (Be waxed and ready to ski promptly at 2:20 PM when the coaches go out.) 

  3. Respect for all team facilities and equipment. 

  4. Cooperative attitude with coaches and school employees. 

  5. I acknowledge that the ski team squads will be determined by time trial before the first race (A, B, C, D, E Teams, etc.). Movement between teams will be determined by my weekly performance and race results.

  6. All racers will ride the bus to the races. Racers wanting to ride home from the races with a parent(s) will require a note signed by parent(s) the day before the event. Skiers must ride on the bus or with parent only and may not leave a race until AFTER the awards ceremony!

  7. All racers agree to act in a mature and sportsperson-like manner. 

  8. Varsity Letters will be awarded to those skiers that place 5 times in the top 30 positions in the field of Region IV races. Coaches will award limited number of discretionary letters to skiers who have exhibited exceptional team spirit or sportsmanship or have been injured during the season. These skiers must be outstanding team members. 

  9. State team will be selected by the results of 4 of the following races. The sixth member will be chosen at the coach’s discretion. 

    • Chugiak Classic 

    • Skiathlon 

    • RegionIV-Classic 

    • RegionIV-Skate 

  10. SKIER, please take a moment and jot down a goal that you would like to set out for yourself this year. Examples are: Attend 99% of practices, improve your time from last year by 2 minutes, etc. The coaches would like to work with you so that you can attain this goal.


By submitting the information below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the rules of the Service High School Ski Team. 

Thanks for submitting!

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