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Booster Club ​Membership: This is a separate fee from the ASD fee. Your Booster fee covers any activities and equipment or items that the ASD or the SHS team budget is not able to cover like the spaghetti feeds we host on race weekends, race day supplies likes sorts drink/hot chocolate and snacks, supplies for the team tent (propane and any repairs), tables and coolers, Regions BBQ, end of the season team awards banquet, senior gifts, coaches gifts and much more!!  We couldn't supply any of this without the Booster Club Member/Team Fee.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Payment By Check: Checks should be made payable to Service Nordic Booster Club.  For an online payment link, payment mailing address, or other questions, please send an email to the address below.

Electronic Payments: Payments may also be made online via Square.  We ask that anyone paying via Square, please make an additional contribution to cover Square transaction fees.

Questions: Please email with any questions

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